Pulping & Bleaching


The group conducts research in the area of raw material, pulping and bleaching. The projects are sponsored by Department of Science & Technology (DST), Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA), Indian Agro and Recyled Paper Mills Association (IARPMA), Ballarpur Industries Ltd. (BILT) and other private industries including overseas organisations. The major activities include the following:

  1. Pulping, bleaching and properties of various raw materials
  2. Morphological characterization of different pulp fibres
  3. Evaluation of pulping and bleaching additives
  4. Pulping  process optimization
  5. Oxygen and ozone bleaching
  6. Bleaching sequence optimization
  7. Enzymatic application in pulp
  8. Pitch & Stickies removal
  9. Consultancy, technical and analytical services

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